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What inspired NightLifefix ?

It all started with a group of friends that had the luxury of clubbing at some of the best dance clubs in the US.

We started partying in the popular clubs in south beach, Miami. Soon it became almost every weekend. During 2008 we were able to experience heat at several of Las Vegas and Miami’ best venues.

Inexperienced in the upper club, party and social life we didn’t know any better than to get our 1st VIP table. It was at Mansion in Miami Beach. One of the most exclusive, see and be seen clubs on South Beach or so we thought. We did not realize that you could just buy bottles and do it yourself. Still we experienced the luxury lifestyle that night.

In 2009, One of our friends had a birthday to remember every year after that night. It was at LIV in Miami Beach, one of the most exclusive venues on South Beach. I’ll never forget this night as long as i live! The best day of my life! VIP table in the middle of the dancefloor. Open bar all night long. Unlimited bottles! You can not imagine how many models, famous people and celebrities where there that night.

We just started having fun with everything that was possible to make happen for us in this lifestyle. No limits! Always living on the edge, knowing no bounderies or rules.

In 2010, we decided to take our clubbing experiences to LA. It became a regular weekend of going out at some of the best clubs on Sunset Boulevard. We got invited to couple of celebrity parties and met even more models, hot girls and celebrities.