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The Best Nightclubs in Sacramento, California


Head to the California capital city of Sacramento for some night clubbing action. You’ll find that there are many amazing clubs in this area, and they have something perfect no matter what your taste or style may be! The best part about them? They won’t break the bank either – which means you can enjoy an unforgettable experience without worrying too much if it will cost money afterwards (or on top of getting paid).

Badlands Dance Club

Drag shows

With a facade that would make any Queens heart flutter, Badlands Dance Club offers the most spectacular drag shows in town. Multiple days of DJs spinning tunes to keep you on your feet and Saturday night’s “disco” dancefloor makes this Sacramento club feel like no other! It may be cash only but it’s worth every penny (or credit card swipe).

Badlands Dance Club, 2003 K St, Sacramento, CA, USA +1 916 448 8790

Midtown Barfly

What’s more fun than a night out on the town? A dance club with an atmosphere that feels like you’re in someone’s living room! At Firefly, guests will enjoy karaoke and Taco Tuesdays while they groove away to some music. The bar has darts available for those who want something less intense or just need time between drinks; it also serves as wallpaper against Sacramento locals’ walls (and ceiling).

Midtown Barfly, 1119 21st St, Sacramento, CA, USA +1 916 341 0277

Old Ironsides

The ghosts of Old Ironsides may be hounding you, but the hot spot’s food is so good and its live music will keep your feet tapping. Opened in 1934 as Sacramento’s oldest bar (and still going strong), this place has plenty to offer even if it does have a few spiritually restless specters roam around too!

Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St, Sacramento, CA, USA +1 916 443 97


There is no place like Vanguard Club for an experience like no other. From the DJs who play all kinds of music, to their VIP booths that are open only if you want it enough – this club has everything dancers could hope for! If hanging out in one area isn’t quite your thing there’s always plenty more party happening on our outdoor patio with skilled bartenders ready at every turn- so drink up because once these parties end they don’t usually start back again soon.

Firefly Lounge

What happens when you combine a dance club with dive bar? You get Firefly, of course! This new Sacramento spot has all the fun of going out while still feeling inviting and casual. With karaoke nights on Wednesdays as well Taco Tuesdays – there’s no reason not to stay awhile at this laid back lounge where tattoo covers are welcome (but please clean up your tats).

Firefly Lounge, 1443 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, USA +1 916 978 9000

Mango’s Sacramento

Mango’s is a classy nightclub with an upscale bar and dance floor. DJs spin all kinds of music in various rooms, creating blast evenings for every taste! Their delicious menu offers everything from appetizers to cocktails – you won’t be disappointed by what they have on offer at Mango’s . Here’re the bartenders who take their time making artfully crafted drinks just right: this place knows how make them shake (and not literally) holders that will leave your mouth watering.

Mango’s Sacramento, 1903 K St, Sacramento, CA, USA +1 916 325 9000

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