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Things to Do in Las Vegas: A Guide for Vacationers

things to do in las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as a major hub for entertainment and nightlife. It’s a city with something to do every day of the week, regardless of if it’s a weekday or weekend. Almost any hotel on the strip has a fun nightclub or bar where people can dance, drink and have a good time until the sun comes up.

There are endless things to do in Las Vegas, and this page is dedicated to telling you about some of the most exciting activities.

The list below is designed as a resource for those planning bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or just looking for something new and fresh to try out on their next trip to Las Vegas. This isn’t intended as a comprehensive list of all the things to do in Vegas, so if you don’t see something you are looking for here, check out one of these other pages on this site.

Here are some things that I would recommend everyone try once in their life:

Dance Clubs

Visit a dance club in multiple hotel casinos. I really like doing this on weekends when we’re visiting Las Vegas, because you get to see more clubs at once. Not only that, but each of the clubs will have different genres of music and themes. You can also see some of your favorite DJs if you’re lucky enough to visit during a seminar or club night.

Walk Fremont Street

Visit Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas during a night time event. There are street performers and musicians, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants. During the summer months it can be nice to just walk around and enjoy all that Fremont Street has to offer.


Shopping is obviously very popular in Las Vegas and there’s no shortage of malls with expensive shops and lovely scenery. Some of the malls even have amusement parks and aquariums inside them so you can experience a little bit of everything during your trip.

Hot air balloon

Take a hot air balloon ride over Las Vegas. This is an incredibly surreal event that I would compare to skydiving in real life, but with no risk! You just get up, attach yourself to a balloon and see Las Vegas from a bird’s eye view. The operator of the balloon also has on-board speakers so you can listen to music as your ride up into the sky.

Karaoke Night!

Go out for an evening of karaoke. This is something that some people might not think is too exciting, but it can actually be a lot of fun if everyone in your group is up for it. It’s also nice because you can either book your own private room or just take over karaoke at the bar itself.

Night at The Casino – Play and people watch

Stroll through the various hotel casinos and watch people play games like blackjack, craps, roulette and others. I think it’s fun to play these games once or twice because it can definitely get your adrenaline pumping. However, be careful not to spend too much money on the table games because you could easily lose a lot of cash very quickly without even realizing it!

Casino Bar Hopping

Visit one of the many bars located inside casinos for a night of bar hopping. I think one of the best parts about drinking in casinos is that you can also enjoy all the games without having to pay for them. The only thing I don’t recommend is playing video poker at the same time because even if you win, it will probably take too long and cost too much money to get your money’s worth.

See a show

See a show of your favorite or new performer or group. There are several large theaters with headliners throughout the year in Las Vegas, so it’s worth looking up the schedule and seeing who is coming when you plan to visit.

Visit a gentlemen’s club

Go to a gentlemen’s club and enjoy all the beautiful ladies. I would caution that some of the clubs can be pretty expensive so you should really set your budget before you go. Also, not all gentlemen’s clubs are created equal and I would definitely recommend doing some research before you make your venture. Check out

Gamble at the casino

Gamble some of your money at the slot machines or other table games. I think it’s fun to set myself a daily allowance of how much I can gamble before leaving Vegas so that I don’t get too carried away with the excitement. It’s also nice to try out different casinos because each one will have different games and odds. For example, if you want to play roulette it might be better to go to the casino at Caesar’s Palace than the Monte Carlo because there are more tables with higher minimum bets.

Visit an Adventuredome or water park

Visit an adventure dome like Circus-Circus or Excalibur. Adventure domes are fun because there are so many attractions to choose from. I would recommend checking which dome has the best deals on tickets before you go because they can sometimes be rather expensive.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and entertainment, but there are several things to do in Las Vegas at night that the whole family can enjoy. Many of the hotels in Las Vegas offer free concerts in their lobbies, which run all week long. Guests in most hotels can also watch movies under the stars on an inflatable screen in their backyards.

Las Vegas (pronounced ) is a city in and the county seat of Clark County, Nevada, United States. It is one of the largest cities in the state of Nevada, the fourth most populous city in Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.

An internationally known vacation, shopping, entertainment and gambling destination with over 30 mega casinos, mega hotels and other attractions such as the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Arts District, Nevada Science Center, The Neon Museum at Fremont Street Experience, Springs Preserve.

There are often free entertainment attractions and free concerts at night on the boulevard that runs through the center of downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street.

Many of the hotels offer free concerts in their lobbies, which run all week long. Guests in most hotels can also watch movies under the stars on an inflatable screen in their backyards.

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